RejuviTex™ Fabric made with Repreve®

RejuviTex™ Fabric made with Repreve®

DeMoulin announces the FIRST Eco-friendly fabrics for music apparel.

RejuviTex™ is 100% synthetic materials with Repreve® technology. It's washable, it's lightweight, it's athletic... and it's 100% sustainable!

RejuviTex™ is a 14 - 14.5oz. 100% synthetic whipcord fabric made with Repreve®. RejuviTex™ is certified by the U-Trust™ verification program and is made from eco-friendly textile products, developed from sustainable fibers.

In comparison to virgin polyester, Repreve® reduces energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Repreve® reduces energy comsumption by over 6%. Repreve® reduces water comsuption by nearly 50%. Repreve® reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 34%.

Repreve® is more than a 100% recycled fiber. It's a reprieve for our planet's resources. Repreve® is fiber made with 100% recycled content. Made responsibly. To make a difference. 

In addition to protecting natural resources, Repreve® takes less energy and fewer resources to make than starting from scratch. Repreve® recycled fiber offsets the need to use new crude oil to produce virgin polyester.

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