American Chrome Drum Major Baton with 1 Cord

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American Drum Major Baton - Used by many schools coast to coast. 

  • One-piece steel 5/8” shaft with tapered bottom for a sleek classic design

  • T3” diameter head (3″ wide by about 3″ tall).

  • Baton is made of steel which is polished, double nickel plated, and then chrome plated for a durable finish.

  • Cord and rubber tip are user replaceable

  • The head of the baton is repairable. 

  • Baton is available in 38” length ONLY 

  • Please indicate cord color when ordering: black, blue, gold, green, maroon, orange, purple, red, or white.

  • Baton arrives UNWRAPPED.  Wrapping available for additional charge. 

Batons are custom made and are non-returnable. Please allow up to 12 business days for production BEFORE shipping. Standard shipping is approximately 4-5 business days.

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The use of the baton differs from the use of the mace and is held with the head down and tip up. The military signal differs from the chrome and super-flex batons in that it is a lot larger. The head of the military signal is approximately 4” in diameter and approximately 6” long where the chrome and super-flex baton head is approximately 3” in diameter and approximately 3” long. The shaft of the military signal baton is 1” diameter where the chrome and super-flex baton shaft is 5/8” diameter.