Liberty Platinum with CD/MP3 Combo Player

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Use the Liberty indoors and outdoors for school functions, lecture halls, corporate events, political rallies, military ceremonies, indoor and outdoor auditoriums, houses of worship, and more!


Reaches crowds up to 1,500+
117 dB of clear sound
125W AC mode / 100W DC mode
Standard built-in Bluetooth
Built-in CD/MP3 combo player
Two universal microphone input jacks
3.5 mm AUX line input
Built-in rechargeable battery operates 6-8 hours on a single charge
One 10" woofer
One ceramic compression driver
External speaker output powers optional Liberty Platinum unpowered companion speaker
Made in the USA
Six Year Warranty
Product HWD: 23" x 14" x 12"
Product Weight: 37 lbs.