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Super-Flex Baton with 1 Cord

Usually Ships in 2-3 Weeks
Ships from Arizona Warehouse (view ground shipping map)

The Super-Flex Baton has a 3” diameter steel head that is polished, double nickel plated and then chrome plated for a durable finish. The head is attached to a white flexible 5/8” diameter shaft that is tapered at the bottom. This baton is designed especially for the Drum Major that wants to do tricks. Baton will easily bounce off the knee or palm of the hand. The shaft is wrapped with your choice of cord color. Cord is user replaceable. Baton includes a user replaceable rubber tip at the bottom. The head of the baton is repairable. The baton is 38” in length.  Tips are black only.

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Please indicate cord color in the notes when ordering: black, blue, gold, green, maroon, orange, purple, red, or white.

The use of the baton differs from the use of the mace and is held with the head down and tip up.  The military signal differs from the chrome and super-flex batons in that it is a lot larger. The head of the military signal is approximately 4” in diameter and approximately 6” long where the chrome and super-flex baton head is approximately 3” in diameter and approximately 3” long.

The shaft of the military signal baton is 1” diameter where the chrome and super-flex baton shaft is 5/8” diameter.  Black tip is standard.