Traditional Signal Baton-two cords

From $269 - $309
Usually Ships in 4-6 Weeks
Traditional Baton-two cords
As low as $269.00

The head of the Traditional Signal Baton (4” diameter) is made of steel for maximum durability and is polished, double nickel plated and then chrome plated. The head is repairable.

  • The shaft is 1” diameter aluminum specially treated with your choice of silver, gold, black, red or white finish.  

  • Baton comes with your choice of cord color (Red, White, Royal, Gold, Black, Orange, Kelly Green, Maroon or Purple). Cord is user replaceable.

  • Baton arrives UNWRAPPED with one cord.  Wrapping available for additional charge.

  • The Traditional Signal Baton is available in 42”, 45” and 49” lengths.

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The ferrule is solid tapered aluminum designed to give the strength and weight for a balanced performance. Baton includes a user replaceable rubber tip at bottom.