Dinkles Vanguard Marching Band Shoe

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With its introduction in 1986, the Dinkles Vanguard Marching Band shoe revolutionized marching footwear and continues to set the standard for marching comfort and performance.

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• Durable, easy-maintenance leather upper. • Special Rubber Blended (TPR) Sole for superior traction on all surfaces. • Forepart Pad & Flex Feature gives extra flex and cushioning under the ball of the foot. • Dri-Lex Lining pulls moisture away from the foot keeping it cool and dry. • Runner’s Ortho Cup provides reliable arch support. • Exclusive Triad Heel provides unparalleled stability, balance and safety. • Special Shock Resistant Heel and Sole Design. • High Density Foam Insole for comfort. • Cotton Vamp Lining for dryness and comfort. • Breathable Microcell Polyurethane Coating reduces maintenance.